About Us

A third party property management company must expertly balance the needs of tenants with the needs of owners. Ontario’s rental market is challenging. The government can be unsupportive of landlords and the economy is such that rental units are in high demand. Investors are cautious about leaping into the rental market, but the pressure is on to create more, healthy, well-managed rental homes. We work closely with property owners and landlords to ensure the political and economic climate for the rental industry is healthy. If bylaws and regulations don't work for our business and clients, we are willing to go to great lengths to make change happen.

Acorn Properties Ltd. believes the key to success in our industry is providing excellent housing for excellent tenants. Tenant selection is critical. While there are never any guarantees, with rigour and research you can pick the right people for the best outcome.

A critical part of that excellent housing promise, is customer service. Staff recruitment, training and support is paramount. If you recruit good people and provide a mentoring environment where they can grow and learn, you have won half the battle in a customer service arena.

We know leadership is just as important as management. Today, our client care team is one in which we take great pride. They provide a level of service to our tenants and owners that is unsurpassed in our industry.

On the management front, we balance expenses and property maintenance well. Balancing the desires of tenants with owners’ bottom lines. No decision is made without proper analysis. Our process of regularly tendering out maintenance contracts helps keep prices down and service levels up.

Our Properties